Welcome to the Hanford Fire Department. Representing more than a century of traditional family and community values, your department upholds the strengths of our predecessors while HFD Logo- Red, White, Blackadvancing tactics and training to address the rapidly evolving world of emergency mitigation and public service.

As stated in our Mission Statement, the men and women of the Hanford Fire Department are dedicated to "to deliver effective, professional fire prevention and emergency response.”

The Department

The Hanford Fire Department consists of three stations staffed with paid professional firefighters.  Each station is staffed with a Captain, who runs the station for their assigned shift; an Engineer, who is responsible for the safe operations and maintaining all apparatus; and a Firefighter, who operates and maintains the equipment.  Together they make up the station crew that routinely responds to mitigate emergencies and events.  The crew is occasionally augmented with interns and Volunteer Firefighters, who donate time for training and to advance in the fire service.  If interested in the Volunteer Firefighter program, contact our front office.  Intern Firefighters come from Fresno City College as part of their Fire Academy. 

Department Headquarters is located at Fire Station 1.  Working out of Fire Headquarters is our administrative staff, including the Fire Chief, Office Assistant, and Community Risk Reduction staff.  

Mission Statement

The mission of the Hanford Fire Department is to deliver effective, professional fire prevention and emergency response.

Vision Statement

The Hanford Fire Department strives to advance public safety through metrics, self-assessment, and industry advancements. The men and women of the Hanford Fire Department will remain proactive and in control of our future. We accept the challenges that will come with the same discipline and integrity as our forebears.

Diversity Statement

The Hanford Fire Department is an organization set to represent our community. Members of the department come from many socio-economic, ethnic, and cultural backgrounds. Our common thread is our passion to serve in whatever capacity is needed. Diversity provides perspective, experience, and understanding which only enhances the fire service and the people of Hanford.

Core Values

Compassion ⁎ Integrity ⁎ Accountability ⁎ Teamwork ⁎ Family ⁎ Respect

2022 Statistics  2022 INCIDENTS

Fires: 271

Medical: 3504

Hazardous Conditions: 135

False Alarms: 327

Public Assistance: 1698

Total Call Volume: 6174

Average Response Time: 5:22

Overlapping Calls: 40.3%

Training Hours: 7750