Fast Track Hanford

About Fast Track Hanford 

The City of Hanford is applying for project funding from the Fiscal Year 2024 Rebuilding American Infrastructure with Sustainability and Equity, or RAISE Grant Program.

Fast Track Hanford: High-Speed Rail Connectivity and Historic Downtown Improvement Project is an initiative aimed at fostering sustainability, promoting equity, and enhancing affordable multi-modal transportation options in a historically disadvantaged community. 

The project would seamlessly connect the Hanford Amtrak Station, the Hanford Civic Center, historic China Alley, and the newly established KART Transit Station, creating a safe passage for California's High-Speed Rail passengers connecting to the city.

The proposed improvements would facilitate biking, walking, and alternative modes of transportation to provide secure access to multimodal transportation corridors for individuals and tourists alike.

Focused on rejuvenating an underutilized alley into a lively, pedestrian and bicycle-friendly corridor with convenient access to vital destinations and transit, the project brings the corridor into a state of good repair for the projected growth due to High-Speed Rail.

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