Retail Possibilities - Community Surveys

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The City of Hanford is a growing community in California's Central Valley. As more people call Hanford "home," the City must take a proactive approach in meeting the community's needs and pursuing new opportunities, including retail establishments and clothing stores.

We'd like the community to be part of the process by telling us which amenities you'd like to see here in Hanford. This will help us in our retail recruitment efforts.

In each survey below, there are 12 choices. Please choose your top three (3) and then rank them in order of preference.

Retail Possibilities-Building Material and Garden Equipment and Supplies Dealers & Furniture and Home Furnishings Stores

Retail Possibilities-General Merchandise Stores & Sporting Goods, Hobby, Book, and Music Stores

These surveys will be open through Friday, September 22.

Results of Previous Surveys

From June 30 to August 7, 4,756 people completed our first two retail surveys on Balancing Act. Our "Food Services and Drinking Places" and "Clothing and Clothing Accessories" surveys received 2,855 and 1,901 submissions, respectively. 

Food Services and Drinking Places Results (18 Choices, Pick 5 then Rank 1-5)

Most votes (unweighted, no ranks)

1. Olive Garden (1918 votes)

2. Chick-fil-A (1885 votes)

3. BJ's Restaurant & Brewhouse (1632 votes)

4. Yard House (1501 votes)

5. Cracker Barrel Old Country Store (1157 votes)

Most votes (weighted, using ranks)

1. Chick-fil-A

2. Olive Garden

3. BJ’s Restaurant & Brewhouse

4. Yard House

5. Cracker Barrel

Chick-fil-A had the most #1 rank votes.

Clothing and Clothing Accessories Results (15 Choices, Pick 5 then Rank 1-5)

Most votes (unweighted, no ranks)

1. T.J.Maxx (1342 votes)

2. Nordstrom Rack (1084 votes)

3. Macy's (904 votes)

4. Burlington (827 votes)

5. Victoria's Secret (806)

Most votes (weighted, using ranks)

1. TJ Maxx

2. Nordstrom Rack 

3. Macy’s 

4. Burlington 

5. Victoria’s Secret

TJ Maxx had the most #1 rank votes.