City Council

Members of the Hanford City Council are selected directly by the electorate to serve as the policy making board of the city. The city council is comprised of five members elected by district and serve 4-year staggered terms.  Each year the city council members select a mayor and vice-mayor from amongst themselves. 

The City Council Members are elected officers identified in Government Code Section 87200 and file statements of economic interests with the City Clerk's office. Copies of the statements of economic interests filed by the above elected officers may be obtained by visiting the offices of the Fair Political Practices Commission (FPPC) or the City Clerk. The physical address of the FPPC is 428 J Street, Suite 620, Sacramento, California 95814. The physical address of the City Clerk's office is 319 N. Douty Street, Hanford, CA 93230. The statements of economic interests for some state and local government agency elected officers may be available in electronic format on the FPPC's website at

The current members of the Hanford City Council are:

District Map:
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Hanford Council Districts 2022

General Information
All regular meetings of the Hanford City Council are generally held in the Council Chambers located at:

Hanford Civic Auditorium
400 N. Douty Street
Hanford, CA  93230 

Council Study Sessions
The Hanford City Council holds regular study sessions to learn more about issues facing the city.  Study session matters to be considered by the city council are shown on the study session agenda that is combined with the regular council meeting agenda.  No official actions or formal votes are taken at any council study session. 

Regular Council Meetings
Business requiring city council action is listed on the council's regular meeting agenda.  Because of the large number and variety of matters receiving consideration, the agenda is prepared in advance of the council meeting.  Official council actions and formal votes are conducted at regular council meetings.  Regular sessions of the city council are held at 7:00 p.m. on the first and third Tuesday of each month.