Hanford People's Bridge

aerial shot

Photo: Proposed Project Location. Looking south towards Highway 198 and South Hanford beyond

The City of Hanford is currently applying for the Department of Transportation's Neighborhood Access and Equity (NAE) Grant Program, part of the Reconnecting Communities and Neighborhoods Grant Program

If awarded the grant funding, the City proposes to build the Hanford People's Bridge, a transformative and innovative project that would reconnect North and South Hanford via a pedestrian bridge over Highway 198.

Residents on the south side of Highway 198 are underserved. They lack access to basic services and amenities such as grocery stores, shopping centers, schools, healthcare, recreational activities, and employment opportunities. 


Photo: Proposed Project Location. Looking north towards Highway 198 and North Hanford beyond.

Once completed,  the People's Bridge will provide a safe and convenient route to those facilities, as well as encourage forms of active transportation, such as walking and biking, for the whole community.

Question: Where is the proposed People's Bridge (and trails) located?

Answer: Over Highway 198 between 11th and 12th Avenues. Below is a satellite image of the location. The (1) represents the bridge, the (2) represents the trail that connects the bridge to Campus Drive, the (3) represents the trail that connects the bridge to Davis Street. 


WATCH: Hanford People's Bridge presentation to Hanford City Council (9/19/23)

Documents Related to the Hanford People's Bridge Project 

Photos: Hanford People's Bridge Outreach

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