Special Event Services

Special events generate a significant amount of waste within a short timeframe. Hanford’s Solid Waste Division has designed a program to effectively implement trash and recycling services at your event. The Hanford Solid Waste Division is the exclusive refuse service provider for the City of Hanford and provides trash removal, recycling and food waste compost services for special events.

As an event organizer you are responsible to ensure proper disposal of all trash and recyclables generated throughout your event. The conditions below will help with organizing your solid waste service needs at your next special event.

  • Form must be received a minimum of TWO WEEKS prior to proposed event date.
  • Payment must be received prior to delivery date in the form of check or exact cash at our Public Works Corporation Yard located at 900 S. 10th Ave. Make checks payable to The City of Hanford.
  • Event containers will be dropped off at your requested location
  • Once event is over, all cans must be returned to the initial drop off location for empty and removal.
  • Applicant will identify, defend, and hold City harmless with respect to any personal injury or property damage caused by the condition of the refuse containers, including defects, not caused by City staff.

Using the form provided, determine how many containers and the date(s) of service that are needed, and the cost for the services at your event.


DELIVERY FEES: Charge one delivery fee (currently $26.00) for each eighteen (18) 96 gallon containers up to 54 event cans.

EMPTY FEE: $11.44 per container per empty and disposal of waste.

CLEANING FEE: $2.08 per container to clean and restock.

EVENT BIN DELIVERY FEE: Charge one delivery fee (currently $26.00) up to five (5) 2yd or 3yd commercial bins.

EMPTY FEE: $27.08 (3yd bin) - $23.92 (2yd bin) per empty and disposal of waste

CLEANING FEE: $15.60 Per container to clean and restock.