Longfield Center Fitness Center

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How to qualify for Longfield Center Fitness Center Membership

  1. Must be 16 years or older (must provide proof of age)
  2. Submit a completed waiver (waiver provided at reception desk)
  3. Pay a membership fee (percentage of fee can be waived for residents providing a need or hardship based on assistance program guidelines)
  4. Join the Fitness Center (to learn more about the equipment you're about to enjoy, please ask staff for assistance before the use of fitness equipment)

Equipment Available

Strength TrainingCardiovascularFree Weight


Adjustable Benches
Adjustable Pulley
Biceps Curl/Triceps ExtensionRecumbent Bike

Straight Barbell (20 - 60lb.)

Abdominal/Back Extension
Pulldown/Row Station
Leg Curl/ExtensionIndoor Cycle
Adjustable Benches
Leg Press Station
Assist Dip/Chin